53 Years Ago Today – Country Legend Patsy Cline Dies in Plane Crash (Watch “Blue Moon of Kentucky” Live ’63)

53 years ago today (3/5/63), country legend Patsy Cline died at age 30 following a plane crash in Camden, TN. Having ironically just finished a tribute concert for the family of a country music DJ who’d been killed in a car crash, country legend Cline, along wiht fellow country arists Cowboy Copas and Hawkshaw Hawkins flew back to Nashville, with Cline’s manager. Unfortunately, the plane flew into a storm’s eye, and the pilot how was not rated “on instruments,” lost all visibility and attempted to land on a nearby highway. Instead, he skirts some trees, which brought the plane down in a nearby swamp. Cline, and her other fellow stars as well as Randy Hughes are all killed in the accident. Millions of her records have sold since her death. She won awards and accolades, causing many to view her as an icon at the level of  Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley.

Watch Cline perform “Blue Moon of Kentucky” love on “Pet Milk TV” just weeks prior to her death in February 1963.

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