54 Years Ago Today- Ringo Starr Plays First Show With The Beatles (Watch Rare 1962 Live Footage)

54 years ago today (2/5/62), The Beatles played two shows, one at the Cavern Club at lunchtime and in the evening at the Kingsway Club in Southport. This was the first time Ringo Starr appeared live with the group after drummer Pete Best became ill.  Hard to avoid the cliche, but the rest is history. Although we cant find footage of that exact show, check out this footage from 1962.

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    1. Better do YOUR homework, Chuck. Ringo filled in several times (before he became a Beatle) when Pete couldn’t play.

    2. Pete Best was fired in August 1962 and was then formally replaced with Ringo. This was the first time Ringo played with the Beatles because Best was ill. After Ringo played with them a few times the others decided he was a better fit.

    3. Pete Best was not fired until August of 1962. Ringo played with Beatles when Best was sick in Hamburg as well.

  1. WRONG. The Beatles (with Pete Best) hadn’t even had their audition at EMI until June 6, 1962. August 15 was Pete’s last performance before being sacked. August 16, the other three asked Brian Epstein to fire Pete. Hutch Hutchinson drummed for them on August 17, and Ringo’s first performance with them as a Beatle was the following day, August 18, 1962, Hulme Hall, Port Sunlight, Birkenhead. These events are sacred for Beatles fans.

    1. And the three guys up in the front were very lucky to have Ringo holding everyone together with that backbeat; yes, these events are sacred.

    2. Yes, Ringo did perform with them on this date in 1962, but not as an official member of the group. (He was still a member of Rory Storm and the Hurricanes.) He simply filled in for the ailing Pete Best. (He was known to sit in with them in Hamburg too.) At the least, your article is misleading, since his first performance as a Beatle didn’t take place for another six months.

    3. How can you not know that Ringo filled in for Pete several times before he became an official Beatle??? YOU said it , Jimmy…. sacred!

    4. James, you are correct. In 2012 I was at the 50th Anniversary concert in Hulme Hall where the Beatles Band from the Cavern Club performed as the Beatles did 50 years prior – the vent was held on the exact date, only 50 years later. I have one of only two the wall posters from the Anniversary celebration – given to me by one of only 3 people in attendance that evening that were at the original concert. They thought I deserved it because I cam all the way from America just to be at the Anniversary gig! Maybe if these writers actually did a little real research we;d get better articles about music history.

    1. Can’t YOU check your facts, ari? Before you print your misplaced attitude, you should have known that Ringo filled in for Pete on several occasions before becoming a Beatle!

    2. The most meaningful documentation regarding Ringo’s professional history comes from Ringo himself; the “mini-biography” songs — Liverpool 8 , Other Side of Liverpool, and other recent songs he has recorded about growing up in Liverpool, being in the two bands, his destiny to be a drummer, etc.

      Facts are okay, but the heart of the story — now, that’s what Ringo chooses to share! And that spark, that magic — it still shines on!

  2. Only two days after Pete Best was fired, the Beatles performed their first official gig with new drummer Ringo Starr. The concert took place at Hulme Hall in Birkenhead – a ferry ‘cross the Mersey away from Liverpool – on Aug. 18, 1962.

    Starr, who had been poached from Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, was no stranger to the Beatles. He met them back in 1959 and occasionally sat in with them over the years when Best was unable to make it. When discussion about firing Best began, it was George Harrison who lobbied for Ringo. “To me it was apparent,” he said in Anthology. “Pete kept being sick and not showing up for gigs so we would get Ringo to sit in with the band instead, and every time Ringo sat in, it seemed like ‘this is it.’ Eventually we realized, ‘We should get Ringo in the band full time.’”

    Read More: 53 Years Ago: Ringo Starr Joins the Beates | http://ultimateclassicrock.com/ringo-starr-first-beatles-show/?trackback=tsmclip

  3. They could not have even imagined how much they would change the world! Glad I was around to see and hear it all happen. Magic times.

  4. I don’t feel sorry for Pete. I would love to be able to say i’m an ex-Beatle! Besides, it is well documented that he practically asked to be fired.

  5. In my imagination,I’m a 10 year old kid standing at the back of the Cavern with my eyes closed. Today at 64, I’m listening to this gig & so,so appreciative to still be riding a magical & phenomenal ride the greatest band of All-Time continues to give me.

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