70 Years Ago Today – Late Chris Bell of Big Star Was Born (Listen to “

70 years ago today (1/12/51, the late guitarist, singer, and songwriter Chris Bell, a founding member of Big Star along with lead vocalist Alex Chilton, bassist Andy Hummel, and drummer Jody Stephens, was born.

Bell had long been troubled by deep personal issues and alcohol and drug problems, leading to rocky relationships with his friends and bandmates. He left the band after the release of their 1972 debut album, the perfectly titled #1 Recordwidely considered a masterpiece and hugely influential rock album. Bell would go on to cut a solo album that musically followed in a similar vein to Big Star but found the songwriter covering darker material as well as his own complicated relationship with Christianity.  I Am the Cosmos was never released during Bell’s lifetime but also stands as an impactful listen today. Bell died tragically at age 27 in a car accident. Lets hear Bell scream it out on “Don’t Lie To Me” off of #1 Record..

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