70 Years Ago Today- The Late Gil Scott-Heron Was Born (Watch Woodstock ’94 Live)

70 years ago today (4/1/49), the late soul, jazz artist influential poet and musician Gil Scott Heron was born. Known primarily for his work as a spoken-word performer in the 1970s and 1980s, but his musical endeavors were highly influential in its political outspokenness and his translation to street beats that formed the blueprint for hip hip was coined by some as the “godfather of rap.” Scott-Heron was relevant up to his death on 5/27/11 with his 2010 album I’m New Here receiving excellent reviews. Check out Scott-Heron perform live at Woodstock ’94

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  1. Such a brilliant thinking, caring and conscious mind. Hard to imagine having gone through this life without turning to GSH for inspiration and insight. Even when I was too inexperienced to understand all of his messages I always knew I would catch up to him in time. My biggest regret is that he fell prey at the end of his life to the things he warned us about. I guess it’s too big a burden to carry but even he couldn’t overcome the drug abuse that seriously derailed him. It’s very hard to reconcile that final part of his life. Perhaps he was fatigued, beat down and dismayed over the ubiquitous evil that prevails over us. But he seemed to put the planet and its poorest people above himself for a long time. Wish there were more artists you could say that about. RIP to a great African, Caribbean and American son who should never be forgotten.

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