Happy 70th Birthday to Daryl Hall (Watch “One On One” Live ’83)

Happy 70th birthday today (born 10/11/46) to the man with the iconic blue eyed soul voice – Daryl Hall. As the co-founder and lead vocalist of Hall & Oates (with guitarist and songwriter John Oates), Hall has sported the pipes for some of the pop’s biggest hits, that have recently discovered a newfound popularity with the success of the Live From Daryl’s House television show. Hall & Oates recently completed a huge summer shed tour with Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings as openers, and we’re still waiting for that new Hall & Oates album. Watch Hall & Oates deliver the 80’s classic “One On One” live in ’83…

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  1. Happy Birthday Daryl Hall!!!

    Thanks for making the 80’s, and so on (before and after) Ive been a huge
    fan of your voice for at least 4 decades….Accross the Red Ledge is the favorite
    record…..I saw you at Joe Louis Arena. Thanx for the show, and staying in the
    game. Happy Birthday Daryl !!!~ WIshing you many more.

  2. Wow, 70! That must mean I’m pretty old too. Daryl’s continued creativity and evolution is an inspiration. Thanks for all the memories. I’m looking forward to many more.

  3. I been hearing this group since I was 17 years old, I’m 54 years old now! amazing the staying power these two fine musicians have. I wish Daryl and John another 50 years playing their awesome music!

  4. Thank you for gracing us with your beautiful voice & talent throughout the years. You are simply godsend & gifted. Bringing much happiness, love & success to my life. Hoping God will grant you another 70 yrs. filled with luck, love, health & happiness. Much success to you & your love ones! Happy Bday Daryl!! =)

  5. Just amazing! 70? He looks awesome. I’ve been a fan since the early 70’s Abandoned Luncheonette. I played that LP over and over again. Several LP’s after that as well. Great in concert. That San Antonio concert was one of my favorites. Happy Birthday to a very talented songwriter, great musician and a great singer with an amazing voice. Keep doing it, Daryl. Happy Birthday!

  6. thank you sir, for all the great music and memories of a lifetime for me. may you continue in good health and well being. HAPPY BIRTHDAY saw you and john in concert in LAS CRUCES NEW MEXICO in the 80’s what a show. keep up the good work GOD BLESS

  7. Ive enjoyed a life time of your music Mr.Hall, your adorable even more so at the early age of seventy .Your music has become a treasured work of art. If there was one way that a wish would be a wish;with just a blink of the eye I would have to say that being a fly on the wall of fame as so to speak that it would be an honor when it comes to you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me to you and will continue to enjoy Daryl’s House with great music great guest and your greatness as a long time musicianship with the voice of someone with a good soul literally.

  8. Happy birthday mr soul man. I love your style and voice, love watching darly house it’s so much fun. Love all your songs been listening to u since I was in the 6 grade. Please stay healthy and happy. Mr. Darly hall keep it coming.

  9. Happy birthday, I imost forgot you are still the cutest mall sininget. I also think you’re very down to earth. Please come back to Madison Square Garden Mr darly hall

  10. Congrats Daryl. Thanks for so much good music for so long. You rock dude.

    Bummed you had to cancel Palm Beach in a couple weeks. Hope yo see you reschedule soon.

    Be well.

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