Happy 74th Birthday Brian Wilson (Watch “Cabinessence” Live ’04)

Happy 74th birthday to the great Brian Wilson who was born on  6/20/42. Wilson, took the Beach Boys to immeasurable height in the early to mid 60’s with songs about girls, surfing and cars but things took a huge turn with the creative peak of Pet Sounds in 1966 helmed by Wilson, which he is touring this summer in celebration of its 50th Anniversary.

Wilson has led a turbulent life to say the least, with battles to addiction and mental illness but has outlived his two other brothers (Dennis and Carl) that he formed the Beach Boys with. In celebration of his birthday lets watch Wilson and one his stronger touring bands from around 2004 perform the sublime Cabinessence off SMiLE but originally released on the Beach Boys’ 1969 album 20/20.

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  1. Great stuff as always Smile is my favorite music to clean house with ordo any legal work, Charlie Parker is good also

  2. Happy birthday to the greatest rock and roll composer of our generation. In repayment for the songs, sounds and melodies with which he has graced our ears, may this year and every year hereafter grant to him nature’s harmonies.

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