Happy 75th Birthday Ray Davies of The Kinks (Watch Live ’77)

Happy 75th birthday today to Ray Davies of The Kinks who was born on 6/21/44. As the chief songwriter, guitarist and singer of the fabled band, Davies’ contributions to rock and roll is endless. After the dissolution of the Kinks in 1996, Davies embarked on a solo career, while rumors of a long-anticipated Kinks reunion with brother Dave have long been buzzed. Check out the Kinks performing live in ’77 at the Old Grey Whistle Test..

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  1. He is my hero, I have seen him three times. He has friends in Tucson. What a glorious songwriter and brother. I met him here. I made a t shirt that said Kinks Size. I approached him in lobby as they were going to car. He tried to dodge me, I said, hey. I am the only person here trying to see you. He stopped and then we talked and he kissed me on the cheek. I had brought the album sleeve of kink size with me, I had already gotten most of autographs. He signed it and I said I did get Dave. See when they were ducking me Dave went around pole in lobby and Ray the other I went for Ray. So Rays once he is the car Dave won’t do anything. But I will ask him. So we went to the car and Dave signed my album sleeve. I framed it. A treasure to me. Lola, Waterloo Sunset, Holiday, preservation One and Two. Muswell. Goes on and on, hugely prolific and outstanding. Superman. And of course the acknowledged best rock song of all time, ALL DAY AND ALL Of THE NIGHT!

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