Happy 80th Birthday Ian Hunter (Watch Ian Hunter Band with Mick Ronson Live)

Happy 70th Birthday today to Mott The Hoople frontman and legendary solo artist Ian Hunter. As the leader of Mott he has earned nods as one of the most literate songwriters of his time and sporting the precious balance between musicianship/production and the material as means to a message. Check out the Ian Hunter Band featuring David Bowie’s Spider of Mars era guitarist Mick Ronson at Rockpalast, whom he collaborated with on numerous occasions.

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  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, IAN! I have been in the audience for your last 3 concerts in San Francisco —and they were fabulous.

    I am 62 and you have been a hero since I was about 15. You are, hands down, one of the finest songwriters, voices, and have led some of the best rock bands ever. And all the while, you seem to have been able to maintain a level head, a marriage, and a fair bit of sanity. I don’t know how you have done it — but that’s success by anyone’s measure. You are DEARLY loved and admired…and I have been blessed to live while you lived and created all this fabulous music — some of the best rock songs that drag you onto the dance floor, to lovely, beautiful ballads, to just fabulous songs like “When I’m President” and “What For”…

    I hope you are well and happy –I have watched many interviews with you over the years, and you always seem so honest, and genuine and humble…and I always think that you would be on my list of celebrities I would enjoy having a pint with (aren’t that many, honestly!)

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