One Year Ago Today – Col. Bruce Hampton Dies During 70th Birthday Celebration Show (Watch Live Lockn’ 2013)

One year ago today (5/1/17) Col. Bruce Hampton died after passing out on stage during a concert celebrating his life and legacy. In a shocking turn of events, that started with a sold-out show packed with special guests there to honor him after celebrating his 70th birthday, Col. Bruce Hampton died amid the celebration. Hampton collapsed over a speaker on stage as the band played ‘LoveLight’ and stayed there for several minutes before others on stage came to his rescue. Watch Col. Bruce and Friends live from Lockn’ 2013…

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  1. A whole year. I miss Bruce a great deal, think of him every single day. Maybe only for a few seconds, maybe longer. Bruce had an indelible effect on those who came in contact with him. He had something like 7,322,719 friends. I was one of them. We all miss him so much.

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