Technology Tuesday: Tracking New Tunes With Qusic

The size of digital streaming libraries of the popular music services are staggering. With tens of millions of tracks and thousands added daily, it is easy to overlook freshly added tracks by your favorite artists. Without the cumbersome task of constantly searching dozens or even hundreds of artists, there’s often no easy way of tracking new tunes. Qusic hopes to solve this problem.

Qusic is a handy service that can notify you via an email when new tracks are added by your favorite band or artist. While the service currently only monitors and works with Spotify, there are plans of adding other digital services as well. Similarly, even if Spotify is not your choice of music streaming service, there’s often an incredibly high correlation between releases there and on the other major services like MOG, rdio and Deezer.


Qusic is easy to use. Simply head to and sign in with your existing Google or Facebook credentials. If you’d prefer, you can also register as a new user without using existing accounts. Then, just add artists that you want to track.

You can add new artists that you want to track in one of three ways. 1) If you are tracking artists with gig finding site, Songkick, you can quickly import all of your artists from that account. 2) There’s a handy bookmarklet which allows you to add an artist after clicking when browsing a page about an artist. This works extremely well when watching a YouTube video for example. 3) Finally, you can of course manually add artists.

[Qusic Interface]

Now What? Once you build your list of artists that you want to track, there’s nothing more to do. When Spotify adds tracks (either new releases or new tracks to the service) you’ll get an email with all of the details on the new tracks. Conveniently of course, the tracks are hyper-linked so you can immediately start listening. Unless you want to add new artists or stop tracking one, there’s really no reason that you’d have to go back to the site. For the time being, while it does seem to be a beautifully designed site, it is simply a handy email notification service. (What a whopper of an email last week with the addition of all the Pink Floyd tracks!)

Limitations Again, for the time being, the only service that Qusic tracks is Spotify. This is expected to change with more services being offered in the future. Also, this is technically a UK based service and the US catalog isn’t always 100% the same. It is possibly you may miss a notification or be notified of something not available, due to licensing, in the US. I’ve been using the service for several months and tracked a handful of artists and all of the notification came promptly after the actual US addition and the tracks were all available.

[Qusic Notification E-Mail]

Bottom Line Quick and easy way of seeing what new tracks are added to Spotify via a simple e-mail notification. It will be interesting to see if Qusic does indeed continue to expand its reach of services that they cover and add new regions as well. In the meantime, while simple and narrow scope, the service works well and the site looks great.

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QUSIC Free to use, no subscription needed.


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