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At just 19-years-old, Jake Bugg is kind of a big deal in his native country of England. The young and talented singer-songwriter was chosen to by the BBC to appear on Glastonbury’s “Introducing” stage when he was just 17, which earned him a recording contract with Mercury Records. Last year Bugg, who puts a modern spin on some classic influences – like The Beatles, Buddy Holly and the Everly Brothers, as well as nodding to more contemporary Brit-pop acts like Oasis, topped the U.K. charts with his highly recommended 14-track self-titled debut.

Bugg, whose album was released in the U.S. earlier this spring, is staring to gain some momentum on this side of the pond thanks in part to his wise-beyond-his-years sound and some notable accolades from the likes of Rolling Stone and the New York Times. It’s the record’s lead single, Lightning Bolt, which has helped to break Bugg in recent weeks. The tune combines the lyrical vigor of early 1960’s Bob Dylan with 1950’s rockabilly and skiffle sounds. Let’s check out the music video…

Jake BuggLighting Bolt

Jake Bugg will kick off the North American leg of his lengthy world tour on September 13, with a gig at Washington, D.C.’s 9:30 Club.

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  1. I became aware of Jake Bugg about two months ago. Bought his album post haste and have been playing it ever since. What an incredible musician/singer/songwriter. The album starts fast in order to catch all you “must be catchy” music fans but goes deeper and deeper into his versatility as a writer. Anyone listening to this album needs to understand that Bugg is dedicated to short songs believing that most of us are bored with 3 minute guitar solos (if we’re to be honest). Further, his simplicity is extremely moving in today’s world that moves at such a blurred pace that shallow is as deep as it gets. Bugg, on the other hand, can move you to feelings of joyous freedoms gained in teen years to the depths of despair over the suicide of a loved friend (Broken). Pretty good for 19. I can’t wait for more from him in order to see how he develops. I hope he catches on in America just to prove we’re still in touch with our hearts.

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