Weekly RecommNeds: Neils Children, New Electric Ride

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Tangerine trees and marmalade skies…

Neils Children: Dimly Lit

image02 (4)

Seems like every three months or so, some new psych-rock album sneaks its way into my “now playing” playlist and sets up shop there for a while… at least til the next one arrives. Right now, that slot is being held down admirably by this fantastic album.  Hailing from the UK (of course), these guys have apparently been around a while, but they’re new to me… and maybe you, too. Groovy mellotron meets reverb’d guitars and vocals to give every song a darker, other-time/other-place feel. Lava lamp optional.

Spotify: Neils Children – Dimly Lit
MOG: Neils Children – Dimly Lit
Amazon: http://amzn.com/B00BM2SZ48

New Electric Ride: New Electric Ride

image03 (5)

Of course, you should listen to this five-song EP in its entirety posthaste, but I’ll wait while you just go ahead and listen to the opening track Mr Bumblebee right now. Pretty good, right? An even four minutes of lollipop swirl perfection, a first cousin to the Grateful Dead’s Alligator. The remaining four tracks are nearly as good, a heady mix of blues- rock and Grateful Beatles psychedelica with the band name and the British zip code to match.

Spotify: New-Electric-Ride – New Electric Ride
MOG: New-Electric-Ride – New Electric Ride
Rhapsody: New-Electric-Ride – New Electric Ride
Bandcamp: http://newelectricride.bandcamp.com/
Amazon: http://amzn.com/B00ATCS19G

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3 thoughts on “Weekly RecommNeds: Neils Children, New Electric Ride

  1. RAGE Reply

    Needy…you have done it yet again. New Electric Ride is awesome, can’t stop listening to “In Chains”…now we need to get these guys to NYC. From Zeus to Bright Light Social Hour to these guys, you are a great source for new tunes. Keep ’em coming!

    • Neddy Reply

      Yeah! Thanks.

      Was just thinking about how badly I needed both Zeus & BLSH to return to NYC… throwing New Electric Ride onto that pile.

  2. RAGE Reply

    100% That Zeus show in Bklyn last summer was a huge highlight…hard to believe you can see a band of that quality in such a small venue; to those present, it felt like we were all in on a secret that was surely not going to be kept.

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