mellowdrone: go get ’em tiger

With its mopey vocals and multi-layered arrangements, the second EP from mellowdrone – go get ’em tiger – is what would result if Radiohead and the Cure had a jam/writing session for a locked away weekend – or maybe an hour. In fact, the influences are so obvious it’s hard to pin point you’re actually listening to mellowdrone, the alter-ego of singer/songwriter/musician Jonathan Bates.

Born out of Bates’ bedroom, mellowdrone has evolved into a four piece, lushly complementing Bates’ revealing lyrics and creative imagination that border on the poetic dark side. But aside from the proverbial sonic landscape on go get em tiger, mellowdrone still needs to establish a more distinguished sound. Lets only hope they work on the individuality before they tackle a full length.

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