Daft Punk Unsheath ‘Get Lucky’ Condoms

Daft Punk

OK, now this is just getting ridiculous. In case the Daft Punk action figures weren’t a silly enough marketing ploy, now the electronic band is kicking things up another notch: with…condoms. Yep, now you and your partner can “Get Lucky” in style with an official Durex line of Daft Punk rubbers. (I would make a “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” joke, but, well, just use your imagination.)

Technically, the official details are still “unraveling.” Promos of the condoms have been sent to various DJs, according to Pitchfork. It’s unknown at the time of writing this article whether or not the DJs in question actually tested out said condoms. (If you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go think of some more Daft Punk/condom puns. As you were.)

(Update: It’s also worth mentioning that this announcement was made on Hump Day.)

Feel free to unload your best Daft Punk/condom pun in the comments section.

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