The Chop House: Gaze in Awe at Genesis’ 1973 Shepperton Studios Performance

With “The Chop House,” we explore classic performances from bands with — you know — “chops.” Genres like progressive rock, art-rock, jazz-fusion — they’re nearly extinct in our current music culture. These days, we live (and consume art) impatiently, favoring a quick fix over a challenge. But here at Hidden Track, we refuse to let the dazzling, confrontational spirit of these wonderful bands die.


If you know me at all, you know that I worship at the altar of Genesis. They’re the greatest progressive rock band in history (and probably the most underrated band to ever make music). Of course, there are two distinctly different eras of Genesis: the early, outlandish, Peter Gabriel-fronted version (1968-1975) and the more tasteful, Phil Collins-fronted version that lasted until the early ’90s.

This performance from 1973 finds the early version of the band (Gabriel, bassist Mike Rutherford, guitarist Steve Hackett, keyboardist Tony Banks, drummer Phil Collins) at the height of their progressive powers. It’s one of their most iconic live moments, filmed at the venerable Shepperton Studios in England.

Highlights? Where to start? This five-track performance includes the psychedelic sing-along anthem “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe),” the ever-shifting “Dancing with the Moonlit Knight,” and the schizophrenic, 23-minute epic “Supper’s Ready.”

Feel free to reminisce (and live-blog your wig being blown off) in the comments section.

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