Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Amazing ‘Breaking Bad’ Parody, ‘Joking Bad’

Jimmy Fallon Joking Bad

With only three remaining episodes, Breaking Bad is clearly headed toward a bleak, unsettling, violent conclusion. But Jimmy Fallon and the Late Night crew have added a bit of levity to the show’s final run with their Breaking Bad tribute sketch, “Joking Bad.”

Fallon and company are known for their dedication to extremes, and this extended homage is no exception. The sketch features Fallon as a faux-Walter White, “cooking up” black market jokes with announcer Jimmy “Jesse” Higgins. I won’t spoil the fun, but let’s just say there are plenty of clever references to the actual show: Fallon breaking up his bacon into a “JF” shape, head Late Night writer A.D. Miles discovering Fallon’s joke-smuggling while on the toilet, and house band The Roots blazing up in a curbside RV.

There are some especially excellent cameos, too. See if you can catch all the spot-on homages in the clip, located below. (And since you’re already in the mood, check out Ryan’s review of “To’jahiilee.”)

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