‘Breaking Bad’ Spin-Off ‘Better Call Saul’ Imagined as ’80s Comedy

Saul Goodman

Vince Gilligan brings out the best in every filmmaker. Even fake ones.

Last week, we linked to “Joking Bad,” an incredibly intricate (and wildly hilarious) Breaking Bad parody-tribute from the folks at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. But they’ve just been bested: Youtuber “dondrapersayswhat” has created an ’80s-styled intro for Better Call Saul, the forthcoming prequel spin-off featuring Bob Odenkirk’s resourceful lawyer Saul Goodman.

The clip features perfectly placed VHS quality distortion, super-cheesy title cards, and the funniest possible clips of Breaking Bad characters that may or may not be featured in the spin-off.

Just check it out. And while you’re at it, give Saul a call.

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