The Flaming Lips Play Kinda Cruel, Kinda Funny Break-Up Prank on Twitter


This evening, The Flaming Lips tweeted out the following message: “We have sad news…We’ve broken up,” with no additional info on context, sending geeky music journalists across the planet (myself included) to our keyboards and oxygen tanks.

As it turns out, the tweet was a cruel and twisted prank, as they followed up the tweet 18 minutes later with, “lol just joking guys.” Damn you, Wayne Coyne. What a dick move. (And, also, that was kinda funny.)

I was actually writing about this before I saw the follow-up tweet, and here’s what I’d originally written: “If this is indeed a prank, it’s kind of a dick move, but the alternative is far, far more depressing.”

Yesterday, the band released the entirety of their new Peace Sword EP via individual streams on various music websites. The digital version of the EP will be released on October 29th, with a limited edition 12″ vinyl and CD available on November 29th for Record Store Day’s Black Friday event.

Did anyone else see this?

*UPDATE: Unless Coyne is pulling off a prank-within-a-prank, apparently the band’s Twitter was “hijacked.”

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