Mysterious Ways: U2’s Long-Teased New Album Is Probably Coming Out in April


It’s been four long years (2009’s No Line on the Horizon) since we last heard new music from Bono’s gang of alt-rock gods. But after months and months of teases and mysteries about the band’s long-awaited new project, it looks like we finally have some kind of concrete info about their 13th studio album. According to Billboard, the LP is set for a tentative release in April 2014.

And, since this is Bono we’re talking about, it’s only fitting that the band want to make the official announcement as dramatic as possible: They’re currently looking for brand partners to help unveil the album in a Super Bowl commercial. (Why don’t they just drop free copies into the stadium?)

Here’s what we know about the album: It’s being produced by psych-soul chameleon Danger Mouse, who also splits his time as a member of both Broken Bells and Gnarls Barkley. (Let’s face it: The guy gets around.) The songs were recorded primarily at Electric Lady Studios in New York.

We’ve heard rumors about Danger Mouse’s involvement since 2010, but it’s exciting to know he’s officially involved in the project. I was a bit disappointed in No Lone on the Horizon, which struck me as slightly bland and monochromatic — I really think Danger Mouse’s psychedelic approach will give the band a much-needed boost sonically.

The only snippet of new music we’ve heard thus far is a minute-long tease of a song called “Ordinary Love,” which is featured in a trailer for the upcoming biopic Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. That track finds Bono crooning soulfully over a spread of dramatic organs and piano. Sounds pretty standard U2-ish, but it’s easy to see Danger Mouse working some magic in that territory. (We’ll find out on November 29th: The track is being released as part of Record Store Day’s Black Friday event.)

What do you think? Are you even excited about the idea of a U2 album?

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