Cut Copy Bring Spacey Dance-Pop to ‘Fallon’ (Also: A Note About Bill Cosby)

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It’s been this way for a minute: Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night is officially the go-to source for good music on television. (Sorry, VH1.)

Last night, Australian dance-pop outfit Cut Copy crashed the hippest stage in late night, playing their dizzying new single, “We Are Explorers.”

“I wanna dream of the new age / If the planets align,” sings frontman Dan Whitford, his plainspoken croon engulfed by comically ’80s-styled synth washes and propulsive percussion. Cut Copy are generally awesome (They just released a great new album, Free Your Mind, on November 5th), and I especially appreciate their awkward dance moves, including the excellent “raise yo’ hands in the air” move that happens around the 2:58 mark. (Side note: HUGE props to the ginger dude mugging for the camera around 2:15 — Cut Copy, I think you’ve found your new back-up dancer.)

In other Fallon-related news, comedy legend Bill Cosby dropped by the show on Monday night to promote his upcoming comedy special, Far from Finished. In one of the most nonsensical and strangely riveting interviews I’ve ever witnessed, Cosby reenacted his own burial, yelled at ?uestlove for his ill-timed drum rolls, and made Fallon giggle like a school girl (a pretty common Fallon move, admittedly) with his bizarre non-sequiturs.

Check out the Cut Copy performance and Cosby…thing below:

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