VIDEO PREMIERE – Mingo Fishtrap, “Silver Lining”

For more than a decade Austin’s Mingo Fishtrap have been inducing legendary live performances with their uplifting blend of soul, blues, R&B and funk. On June 3rd, the group released one of their finest efforts to date, On Time (Blue Corn Music), receiving lofty praise from both fans and critics. To compliment the album, the band has a new video for their catchy composition “Silver Lining,” which is premiering exclusively here on Glide. Mingo Fishtrap’s guitarist and vocalist Roger Blevins, Jr. shared his own thoughts on “Silver Lining”…

“”This is a song I couldn’t have written when I was 25. I just didn’t have the perspective. It’s not really a song about forgiveness or placing blame. It’s really more of an epiphany that you had taken something for granted and sort of a melancholy hope that that realization is a pivotal moment.”

Check out Mingo Fishtrap’s “Silver Linings” below…

Top photo by John Carrico

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO PREMIERE – Mingo Fishtrap, “Silver Lining”

  1. Jeremy Bang Reply

    Lorenzol! I wanted to see you in this video. Great job, y’all, solid sound, beautiful studio, great video! But, where are you Zol?? Love from Cali

  2. Kristi Reply

    LOVE Mingo; LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song!

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