Dana Buoy (Akron/Family) Shares “Everywhere” (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

As a key member of the experimental art rock band Akron/Family, Dana Buoy moved to Portland, OR and shortly thereafter began his new indie-pop project, Dana Buoy. Now with 2014s’ Preacher, a five-song EP, Dana’s youth and attitude are still front and center but with a new depth as a result of growing up and moving on. Written and performed entirely by Dana Buoy himself, and co-produced by Dana and Abe Seiferth, this EP’s cathartic pop is more polished than ever.  From the head-bob inducing “It’s Alright,” to the warm and fuzzy synths that weave together the title track, Preacher is infectious and real, and ready for every moment to feel good.  Here is the most recognizable track of the EP, a shiny cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere” from their 1987 LP Tango in the Night.

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