SONG PREMIERE: Kingsley Flood – “Thick Of It”

Hailing from Washington D.C. and Boston, Massachusetts respectively, the six-piece band Kingsley Flood have been capturing the attention of adoring fans since releasing their 2010 full-length Dust Windows. The group succeeds in spinning influences of folk, punk, Americana and rock music into catchy, thoughtful songs you can both dance to and sing along with.

Following a successful year of touring in 2014, Kingsley Flood plan to release a new EP on January 13 called To The Fire. We are excited to premiere one of the band’s new tracks, “Thick Of It,” a song that brings to mind a sound reminiscent of Wilco with a political edge to it.  Kingsley Flood frontman Naseem Khuri shares his own thoughts on the inspiration behind “Thick Of It”…

“I was wide-eyed and active in my twenties, rallying for peace in Israel and Palestine or against the war in Iraq. I thought I could change the world, and I crashed hard realizing the same messes were just repeating themselves.  I wanted to capture that fire – and that realization – in ‘Thick of It’.  And while my own fire’s not dead, I’m a lot more comfortable understanding my reach and what I can do.” 

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