Laura Marling Debuts New Single “False Hope” from ‘Short Movie’

Laura Marling returns with a new album Short Movie, to be released through Ribbon Music on March 24th.   The new single “False Hope,” which premiered on BBC Radio today can be heard below.

Short Movie is Marling’s fifth album in seven years, a remarkable achievement for someone who has yet to reach her 25th birthday. Recording since the age of 17, Marling’s flawless output has established her as one of the most respected artists of her generation. Three of her albums have been nominated for the esteem Mercury Music Prize and she is a two-time BRIT Award nominee, winning the UK’s GRAMMY-equivalent for “Best British Female Artist” in 2011. That same year she beat out an array of international talent to the title of “Best Solo Artist” at the NME Awards.

Short Movie sees Marling moving into new musical territory and may surprise fans with its prevalence of electric guitar. Along with plugging in for the first time, Marling chose to produce the album herself. She pushed her band to record live and insisted the string players perform “blind”, only hearing each track once before recording their parts. The result is a far bigger, bolder and looser sounding album than any of its predecessors.

Marling co-produced the album with her drummer Matt Ingram and studio engineer Dan Cox. Recorded at Urchin Studios in London, she was joined by her longtime collaborator and friend Ruth De Turberville on cello, Nick Pini on bass and Tom Hobden

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