Five Songs That Prove You Probably Weren’t A Dropkick Murphys Fan Anyway

This past weekend, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker delivered a rousing speech at a political convention in Iowa. While many on the right praised Walker for his appearance and have begun floating him as a strong candidate for the 2016 elections, Boston heroes and Irish punk legends Dropkick Murphys were less than pleased with at least one aspect of his appearance. Walker made his way to the podium to the tune of Dropkick Murphys “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” (aka, the only song non-DKM fans really know) which the band took issue with. Speaking over Twitter, Dropkick Murphys informed Walker that they “literally hate” him and asked if he would stop using their music in association with his name.

In the days since #murphygate (no, that’s not really what they’re calling it, but damn it, they should) many conservative “fans” of Dropkick Murphys have expressed their disdain for the band over Twitter, claiming they’ve been throwing away their CDs and deleting their songs from iPods en masse.



Guys…listen…I’ve got a feeling you’re not really fans of the Dropkick Murphys. Oh sure, you heard “Shipping Up To Boston” and you put it on your workout mix and I get that. It’s one of the great pump up jams in recent memory. Whenever I listen to that song, it gets me all in a frenzy and I feel like I can take on the whole world. So it makes sense. But you were never, in any way, a fan. How do I know this? Because if you were a fan, none of this would have come as a shock to you. The Dropkick Murphys have spent their entire career crafting pro-union and pro-working class anthems that run counter to the belief systems of the conservative movement. I mean these are the same guys who’ve built their fan base by playing songs such as…

“Boys on the Docks”

[youtube id=”36VUXSA2k1s” width=”630″ height=”350″]

If ever you needed proof regarding Dropkick Murphys leftist, pro-union stances, then this would be a good place to start. This acoustic anthem details the plight of a working class hero who unites the workers of Boston’s shipyards in order to stand up against the business practices of their employers. “Together we are what we can’t be alone,” they sing in the refrain, making this song a rallying call for unions and the working class for almost 20 years now. Walker hasn’t exactly been “union friendly” during his tenure in office. You’ll recall, tens of thousands of protesters descended on his capital in response to his threats to strip the Wisconsin teacher’s union of their bargaining power. Speaking of which…

“Take Em Down”

[youtube id=”GKgM68MzXpg” width=”630″ height=”350″]

This song was written in solidarity with the protestors who stormed the Wisconsin capitol building to make their voices be heard. “When the boss comes callin’ they’ll put us down,” they sing. “When the boss comes callin’ stand your ground.” Was that not clear enough? Was the nuance lost in layers of subtext? Did the purpose of this song not fully hit you in the chorus when they sang “Let them know, we gotta take those bastards down, let them know we gotta smash them to the ground”? Last weekend wasn’t the first time Dropkick Murphys have expressed their disdain for Walker and his policies. This song was literally a big ol’ “fuck you” to Walker and any union busting politician who might happen to be listening.

“Worker’s Song (Fuck Capitalism)”

[youtube id=”XyICgZ3qKvs” width=”630″ height=”350″]

Yeah okay, I suppose I can see how this one might have confused you.

“Which Side Are You On?”

[youtube id=”wfsI_H82w5g” width=”630″ height=”350″]

Somehow I can’t really imagine Scott Walker—or any republican, really—getting pumped up for their late night legislation passing by listening to this song. Moreover, I’m not really convinced that the conservative housewife who loves “Shipping Up To Boston” ever really jams this in her SUV while picking up the kids from school. I mean… “don’t scab for the bosses, don’t believe their lies, us poor folks haven’t got a chance unless we organize” doesn’t exactly scream to be co-opted by republican politicians. Just a hunch.

“Take it and Run”

[youtube id=”CFDkDEYjhnU” width=”630″ height=”350″]

Since this song was the track right before “Shipping Up To Boston” on The Warrior’s Code then I’m positive you’ve got some experience with it. I mean, you guys are all such huge fans right? Or were, at least, until you found about their dirty liberal, pro-unions beliefs. Would it surprise you, then, to learn that the song’s protagonist, Maureen, is a symbol for the plight of the working poor, doing all they can to survive against long, impossible odds? It shouldn’t, because it’s pretty in your face. Maureen’s a down-on-her-luck worker who can’t find a job, in a bad relationship, and is just searching for a break so she can be a good mom. Moreover, unlike many conservative politicians and pundits, this song actually views Maureen in a positive way, feeling her pain rather than relishing in making her feel worse.

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11 Responses

  1. Well, I’ve been a Dropkick fan for well over 10 years, and I also think it’s stupid how mad they were at Walker. However, I’ve known they’re pro-union since forever, so it’s not entirely surprising. I love their music, and I’m fine with them having their opinions. I’ll keep buying their albums, but I’d certainly never elect them to ever actually run things. So, my disagreement with them politically doesn’t affect anything.

    But yeah, saying they “hate” Walker is stupid, and I think anyone that “hates” someone else for their opinion is a sad and likely fairly unintelligent person.

    1. They could careless about his opinion. They dont hate him for his opinion. They hate him for his aCtions.

      Before the were famous a good chunk of the band were longshoremen. So they worked hard jobs and worked in a union. Scott walker is pro right to work and got it passed in his state has caused pay to fall for jobs in his state.
      So if none of these guys became famous scott walker would be the catalyst to cause the same job they made 16 an hour to only be 10 an hour like has happened.

      Dunno about you, but if some asshole took 6 bucks away from every hour “hate” would be being nice.

      They hate him because he robbed hardworking people from a livable wage. That’s not opinion, that’s actions of laws he passed.

  2. Just proves that people who support Walker and the GOP are stupid. You want to throw out the CD’s you ALREADY PAID FOR!! Wow very intelligent….More proof republicans dont have the mental capacity to run this country. Long Live The People…and F…..Scott Walker!!

  3. Good for them, I’d consider my self fiscally responsible and socially accepting, but what this band stands for is absolutely exceptional. All of their merch is made in the USA by union workers, while Union busters like Scott Walker couldn’t give two shits about the working man. ive completely missed the point when being Union and being working class was unAmerican, there’s people out their doing the dirty work, and bosses who don’t even care if they live or die, that’s what the union is for. That is another beautiful aspect of the American Dream, the fact that you can come here and build a life for yourself, even by doing some honest work.

  4. If you think the people in the band are capitalists, you obviously don’t understand what capitalism is or what they’re fighting for. Having a job or making a living does not make you a capitalist. It certainly doesn’t mean you should stop advocating for workers.

  5. I love DKMs music so mission accomplished for them…. but I could give zero fucks for their politics. Who do they think they are saying they’re the only ones advocating for the working man?? Do they think a farmer in the midwest isn’t as hard working? Fuck them they’re clueless. We work circles around their whiny bitch asses. This is going to bite democrats in the ass again in 2020 because they’re spouting nonsense. Do we moan and complain about working conditions and pay? Hell no. We get a second or third job. Fuck identity politics! Bernie Sanders isn’t the answer you dumb asses. Get a clue and grow some brain cells.

  6. You’re right. Having a job doesn’t make you capitalist, but do you know what does?
    Selling Merchandise, Selling Tickets for More than Break Even. You can say you’re not a capitalist, but when it comes to making extra money, everyone is a true capitalist.

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