HBO Teases ‘True Detective’ Season Two

True Detective fans got a bit of a surprise today when HBO released the first teaser for season two of their hit anthology series. With a new case, a new locale, and a new mystery, many are wondering if the new addition to the series can live up to the tone and intensity of its predecessor.

Don’t bother trying to suss out too many details from the trailer, however. Nothing is revealed of the plot, but we do get is our first clear look at our new cast in all its glory, including Colin Farrell sporting a sweet, burly copstache and Rachel McAdams looking gritty and jaded. Rounding out the cast is Vince Vaughn who’s looking…well, particularly Vince Vaughny.

The first season of True Detective, in addition to receiving mountains of praise and accolades, was not without controversy. Series creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto suffered accusations of sexism over his portrayal of women and shortly after the finale he was further criticized and accused of plagiarism over dialogue that bore a remarkable resemblance to the writings of horror writer Thomas Ligotti.

Additionally, many fans and critics were disappointed in the season one wrap up when, after months of esoteric musings, metaphysical pontifications, and hints of existential terror, the conclusion ended up being just a murder mystery.

None of that seems to have deterred HBO in anyway, and from appearances it does seem as though season two is addressing the sexism allegations levied at Pizzolatto by including stronger female characters.

All that being said, we couldn’t be more excited to see what little we can of what True Detective has to offer us this season. Season two is set to premiere on June 21, coinciding with the Game of Thrones season finale, thus assuring your continued Sunday night devotion to HBO.


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