Hot Carl Loves the Music “Ratdog”

Asheville, North Carolina city councilman Carl Mumpower was granted free access to Friday night’s RatDog concert, and he shared some astute observations with the city manager. Kick down to get down, Mummers.


I went to the civic center this evening and spent about 15 minutes inside with the intention of observing the reported drug activity that occurs at some concert events. I wanted to share my brief observations-

1) Thomas Wolfe auditorium smelled like an Amsterdam hash bar.

2) In the bathroom I observed a gentleman purchase pills and ingest same from another gentleman with a T-Shirt that said something like “I play for mushrooms.”

3) I observed one person in the back balcony smoking a joint and a group of people sharing a joint on the left side of the auditorium.

4) The music “Ratdog” was good.

5) When I arrived at the civic center there were 6-8 officers standing in the front of the building. Most were in uniform.

I would appreciate the opportunity to sit down with to discuss drug enforcement policies for Civic Center events.

Thank you,

Carl Mumpower

I’d love to hear some stories about “Hot” Carl’s experiences at the Amsterdam hash bar he felt the venue resembled. Hey, at least the music “Ratdog” was good.

(Thanks to Glider and Deputy Girardin for sending this our way)

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  1. OMG, people were doing pot in the open at a rock n roll concert?????

    Someone, please think about the children.

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