New Greyboy Album Streaming Today

It may sound like the first line of the critically acclaimed Full House theme song, but What Happened to Television? is actually the new album from the back-in-full-force Greyboy Allstars, and it debuts to the masses tomorrow.

But fuck this “tomorrow” shit: You can head to their website today and stream the entire album. Go ahead. I’m not joshin’. Make it happen.


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  1. Got to say the band is just starting to hit its stride on this tour. They’re inside the McDonald here in Eugene (brah), sound checking the JB’s tune “What Do I Have to Do” probably for debut tonight. They’ve been learning a song a night at sound checks and the setlists have been free wheeling affairs touching on everything from tunes that they played at their first gig in Dec. ’93 (Soul Dream) to the aforementioned cover debuts. Tomorrow, I’m gonna try to get them to take a stab at the Who’s Can’t Explain. Yours in Soul (& Rock), MIH

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