He Came to Kick Some Ass & Drink Some Beer

Chris wasted no time responding to the New York love, hitting everyone with Spoonman right out of the gate. It became very obvious that Chris and his new band were ready to rock those of us lucky enough to get tickets to our knees. Chris even admitted that those of us there must be true fans because this was one tough ticket. Luckily for me I was at the front of the line at Irving Plaza the day the tickets went on sale.


Chris was calm, cool and collected, and he commented on everything from the idiots watching the previous song on their digital cameras to a young lady with a special license plate to feeling a contact high from the building. He gladly high-fived the crowd and had a great stage presence. His voice is still one of the most unique and powerful in the music business today.

He hit every possible time in his life he could: Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Singles Soundtrack (Seasons), Euphoria Morning (Can’t Change Me) & Audioslave (Like A Stone). The best song of the night for me was his cover of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, which is on the new album — he sang it as if he wrote it, making it his.


The crowd was so into it at the end and would not stop cheering, clapping and stomping that Chris and the band came out for a second set of encores, not on the setlist we included above. His band was having a blast, and it really showed in their playing. They played hard, thrashed hard and left everyone there with a satisfied feeling. And you can’t ask for more than that.

Setlist: Spoonman, Original Fire, No Such Thing, Like a Stone, Arms Around Your Love, Outshined, Seasons, Call Me A Dog (solo acoustic, dedicated to his wife), Can’t Change Me (solo acoustic), Doesn’t Remind Me, What Your Are, Rusty Cage, Zero Chance, Billy Jean, Loud Love
Encores: Hunger Strike, You Know My Name, Black Hole Sun
2nd Encores (not on setlist): Wide Awake (Chris solo acoustic), Black Hole Sun

Setlist photo courtesy of http://qbertplaya.blogspot.com/2007/04/chris-cornell-irving-plaza-april-16th.html

Chris Cornell’s current touring band is:
*Chris Cornell* – Vocals
*Yogi Lonich* (ALLFLOWERS, BUCKCHERRY) – Guitar
*Jason Sutter * – Drums
(courtesy of blabbermouth.net)

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  1. I’m seeing Chris Cornell on the 24th in Baltimore. The way the set lists at previous shows are lookin…I can’t wait!

  2. Damn… I hope someone stealth’d this show. Call me a dog? Solo acoustic even? Damn! Say Hello to Heaven? Was that played? It’s on the paper setlist, but not the reported setlist. Arms Around Your Love!?? Sick! Cochise swapped out for LOUD LOVE?!! Oh man. I would have loved to have been there.

  3. Chris’s Website has the setlist a bit different…

    Chris’ NY Set List


  4. A Thank You to Jon Hochstat, a friend forever and a good friend indeed.
    After reading his review of the NYC show, we look forward to having Chris down in the Lone Star State. Though he’ll make a quick pitstop for a private radio stations (The Buzz) one day show in H-Town. We all know that Austin is the music Capitol here and it will be worth the journey for the April 29th showing. Which by the way was on the down-low from the word go. Only the truest of fans heard and even knew of the possible Chris Cornell show at the famous Stubbs Bar-B-Que
    in Austin, that sold out within minutes, Thank God for the internet!!!!!
    We know you rocked him in NYC, but leave it to the Texans to have it where there will be awesome Bar-B-Que, Beer, and OH so Hot UT Babes, where their motto is not, “You Can!”, but, “Ya’ll Can!!” Hook em Horns Chris. Welcome to Texas!!!


  5. Really liked reading your review of the Irving Plaza concert back in April in NY. I am the license plate lady you mentioned and I’m so damn proud of that!! It sure is an excellent piece of memorabilia I will have forever!!

    I’ve been meaning to post my review of the concert as well, so here it is.. Better late than never 🙂

    My excitement can be compared to a little girl waiting for the clown to appear at her birthday party. Not just any clown, the one with the big red squeaky nose! When I got into the venue, I was about 5 people from the stage. It was going to be at least an hour till showtime and my feet were killing me! The crowd on the floor was already packed in but the fans around me was so nice to help pull off my high heel boots! I took off my stinky sweaty socks (I’d figure I’d tackle that one myself) and put on my flip flops I had in my back pack! I came prepared!!

    Along with my flip flops, I knew I wanted to bring my license plate from my truck (SWTU4RIA). Not only was I going to hold it up during the show, I thought since having the meet and greet passes, I would have CC sign it and what a cool way to preserve a piece of CC Memorabilia!

    The lights went down and I started screaming!! His band started to play as he was standing to the right side of the stage. It was undoubtedly Spoonman. My excitement when he came out center stage was immense! I had never seen Soundgarden live and to hear and experience this rebirth was totally emotional for me! He immediately noticed me with my license plate, made eye to eye contact with me which made me go nuts!! At that moment I knew this night was going to be beyond special!!

    After Spoonman, his eyes directed back at me and he asked for my license plate which he flashed to the rest of the audience and said a few words that I can’t remember. He gave it back and I held onto it all night as if it were a personal gift from him to me. In a way, just having his attention was a gift!

    Fast Forward a little while and prior to his next song he said something like… This is dedicated to the lady with the license plate! He went into Can’t Change Me which made for an even more memorable evening. Not only was I happy to hear a song from the EM era (my favorite), he dedicated it to me!! How lucky can this girl get!

    He seemed so happy on stage the whole evening. Smiling, talking, sharing. It really made me look at him differently than I had had during his Audioslave years. I thought the CC I had met 7 years ago was gone forever but he was back with a vengence tonight! His voice was dead on and his band truly rocked. Everything felt so right!

    After the concert, I headed upstairs for the meet and greet. I was a nervous wreck!! I got my camera out, I had my license plate and I also blew up my pic of him and I from 7 years ago for him to sign. It was my turn…. As I walk toward the semi circle booth he was seated at I bowed, saying “I’m not worthy of this moment” and he smiled out of the corner of his mouth. I sat, immediately pulled out my license plate and he said “Is this really from your car?”. I said “YES, and it wasn’t going back on either”. He asked my name and wrote… “Thanx Nina! You Rock!”, then his traditional signature. I also managed to mention that Sweetu4ria was who I am on the fan forum and how he’s brought so many people together through the years. I thanked him for his music as I put my hands on his and asked if it were okay to give him a hug. He said “of course,” and it was an immense moment for me! I took out the photo of him and I, he asked if it was taken “here” and I told him it was taken outside “The Vanderbilt” on Long Island. He personalized my photo, gave it back, we took a few pictures I have yet to post and I said one more thing…. I asked him If I can ask a ballsy question. He said go ahead… I asked if he could sing me a line or two from Sunshower. I told him I loved the song and he said he loved it too and mentioned that rest assured, I would hear it soon. I said “Really?” He said “Don’t worry”. I thanked him again, walked away and that was a beautiful ending to a unbelievable evening!” (thanks Nina)

    I’m also including a link to the picture of my lic. plate signed! Here… http://s205.photobucket.com/albums/bb247/swtu4ria/th_IMG_9061.jpg

    Thanks again guys and please tell me what you think of CC’s new release “Carry On”…


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