Jack Black: America’s Next Top Model

We don’t watch American Idol, but we’ll fight with our lives for your right to watch it. Seriously, even though it’s mostly pop shlock, at least they’re trying to find real singers with genuine talent. We can get behind that. We can also get behind Carrie Underpants — well, if she’d let us, or if she’ll drink that roofie colada.

Apparently this week’s episode featured a special one-off song from a member of the audience, which turned out to be the tubby awesomeness that is Jack Black. I won’t divulge any more details, but suffice it to say, if they did shit like this every week, I’d set my DVR for a season pass. Watch out for Kyle Gass, he rocks:


It’s nice to see that Seal is, in fact, still alive. And he’s got great comedic timing!

(Thanks to Deputy Girardin for passing this clip our way…)

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