Genesis Turns It On…Again

All stage photos via
All stage photos via
All stage photos via

These videos courtesy of Jeff Jefferson on YouTube:




6-11-07 Stadium, Helsinki, Finland

Set: Duke’s Medley (Behind the Lines > Duke’s End > Turn It On Again), No Son Of Mine, Land of Confusion, In The Cage > The Cinema Show (Part II) > Duke’s Travels > Afterglow, Hold on My Heart, Home by the Sea, Follow You Follow Me > Firth of Fifth (Part II) > I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe), Mama, Ripples, Throwing It All Away, Domino > Los Endos, Tonight Tonight Tonight > Invisible Touch
Encore: I Can’t Dance > The Carpet Crawlers

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  1. Fully agreed on both points Bubba.

    Phil said he “isn’t feeling [Abacab]” anymore. I’m just glad he “isn’t feeling” his disney showtunes on this tour.

    I’m trying to find a bad review of this show, and haven’t had any luck. Genesis spent months rehearsing and planning this show, and it seems to have paid off.

  2. No Dodo/Lurker either. It’s great to see the big production for a champion of high-end effects. Genesis were the first band to use mirrors, recently used to wonderful effect on David Gilmour’s tour during Echoes, and moving trusses, now very outdated but still a mainstay at an Iron Maiden show. I would not be shocked if a number gets added (like perhaps Duchess) in the medley and another removed or replaced, like the Musical Box added to medley number three. And the fact that Carpet Crawlers ends the show, perhaps the last note some Genesis freaks may ever see. Thanks Scotty.

  3. I am so glad to read this. I loved Genesis and Phil collins alone when I was young. A friend of mine and I were just discussing what amazing things MTV did for his music. I’m not sure without that he would have been as big, yet still he holds a place in my heart representing all of those memories from that time period. I am surprized to see that this was a good show….I guess way to go Phil! Scotty…the writing is great:) Luv you!

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