Taking a Brief Pause To, Ya Know, Be Nice

As New Yorkers that were working downtown in September 2001, we’re sensitive to tragedy. So our hearts and thoughts go out to our friends in Minnesota this morning — and at times like this, we hope everyone will prefer to focus on stories like the bystanders who helped rescue 52 children from a school bus.

Anyway, for the curious among us, some security camera footage of the bridge collapsing into the water has leaked, and you can watch it here (via KARE).


If you’re from the area and looking for a temporary moment of diversion in what will surely be a week or month or year of chaos, we can point you to this New Year’s 1987 show from Prince in his Paisley Park Studios in Minnesota. It’s got Miles Davis, and he’s cool. Seriously, we wish everyone invovled all our best.

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