August 2, 2007

The B List: Top 10 Reasons We’ll Miss SCI

The String Cheese Incident will head to Red Rocks on August 12th to play its last show for the foreseeable future, ending a 14-year career of inconsistency, tepid jamming, sunshine and rainbows. We’d like to bid a fond farewell to the band with this list of the Top 10 Things We’ll Miss About String Cheese Incident, though we have a hunch they’ll be back in a year when Zilla draws shit crowds and Keller Williams finally agrees to front the band. ‘Til then, we’ll surely miss the following…

10. Looking forward to Hepatitis A outbreaks and Group Hoots

9. Hearing a concert referred to as an “Incident” without even a hint of irony

8. Tinyguitar player Michael Kang’s keen fashion sense:

Read on for the remaining seven things we’ll miss most about SCI…

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The Police Pick Up Where They Left Off

Over the past few weeks I’ve been mentally preparing myself to write a bad review of The Police at Madison Square Garden. Every critic and blogger was all over these guys for changing the sound of a few tunes and playing the same songs every night. The first shows of the tour sounded mediocre at best and had me doubting their reunion. But I’m glad to report that last night The Police showed the sold-out crowd why they were once the greatest band in the world.

All of the anxiety and musical flubs present in those first shows have been completely worked out. After two months on the road, The Police have regained its swagger, playing with each other instead of against each other. Each member of the band had his own moments of brilliance, and it was difficult to tell these guys are all over 55.

The show started with Marley’s Get Up, Stand Up playing over the PA, a subtle reminder from The Police that this wasn’t going to be a sit down affair. Everyone rose to their feet as the lights dimmed and Andy Summers started up Message In A Bottle. I should have known right from the start, that this was their night. As soon as the band hit the first break in the song the crowd erupted. Sting said “Hello,” which brought the place to a frenzy. It was amazing that The Police could wrap a crowd around their fingers more than 25 years after their last appearance at the Garden (1/22/82). Read on for more of Scotty’s MSG review…

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MP3 Boot Camp: Down To The Crossroads

Most reports have praised this past weekend’s Crossroads Festival as a successful event complete with many once-in-a-lifetime sit-ins. The good folks at Blog Stoned has ponied up the majority of the performances for

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Perpetual Groove Gets Serious

It’s time to get serious and down to business! After a light summer, Perpetual Groove [PG] returns to the road full-time in September. Summer ’07 saw the band take their

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Coheed and Cambria Plan No World for Tomorrow

Columbia  Records  has announced the release of Coheed and Cambria’s "NO WORLD FOR TOMORROW," out October 23,  2007.  The  album is the band’s fourth  record,  and  second  for  Columbia.  The 

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Robbers on High Street: Grand Animals

1960’s rock and roll gets a pop overhaul on Robbers on High Street’s Grand Animals.  Taking cues from the Rolling Stones and the Kinks, the band explores ethereal components of their songs.  Vocals by Ben Troken recall a young Elvis Costello.

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