Wednesday Intermezzo: Don’t Do Smack

Our buddies over at Spinner debuted a new column this called Shout It Out Loud in which artists will get on their soapbox to write about an issue affecting them. Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx has penned the first Shout It Out Loud about how drug addiction ruins careers. Seems obvious, but a rocker wrote it, so it’s better.

It wouldn’t be Wednesday without our usual batch o’ humpday links:

Ace and I are off to see the Beastie Boys at Central Park’s SummerStage tonight…but that’s later; for now, tell us what we missed out there today…

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  1. That clip was great.

    Can’t wait for the beasties tonight, anyone know if the Bad Brains are opening? i heard they were in Brklyn.

  2. Sweetwater is an awesome place and I have seen a fair number of intimate performances there….. This would be a sad day indeed…. SAVE SWEETWATER


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