She Speaks: All Nine Muses Wrapped Into One

Two of the most iconic musicians of the last 50 years each wrote a song for the same woman, whom they both loved so intently it formed the most bizarre love triangle in the history of modern pop culture. You can’t write better fiction.


Neither George Harrison nor Eric Clapton explicitly searched for inspirado in the drop-dead gorgeous frame of Pattie Boyd, but the two close friends each got their chance to not only marry her but pen a generational epic in her hono(u)r. And thus, we still enjoy Something and Layla, and we have Boyd to thank.

The frequent rock trivia answer finally opened the vault, and the Daily Mail posted the story in her own words, both written and in video form. It’s a must-read and a must-see. I hear this is the plot on which they based Threesome.

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  1. great find Ace

    ive heard the stories before but this was interview went into crazy detail, i recommend this article to all

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