August 6, 2007

I Love Bad Music: Show Me That Smile Again

HT Contributor Eliot Glazer has tremendously terrible taste in music. But he may or may not share with us a love for Growing Pains, which is pretty cool.

Who would have guessed that the guy who penned the theme to Wheel Of Fortune would [literally] produce one of the hottest R&B stars of 2007?


After a long, bumpy road during which his career garnered critical buzz domestically but never truly broke through commercially (although he scored hits abroad), Robin Thicke has become a bona fide R&B star. Having entered into the sparsely-populated club of White American urban music writer/performers in 2000 — writing songs for artists like Mya and Christina Aguilera — Thicke finally released his own solo album in 2002, and quickly became a mainstay on my Discman.

Read on after the jump for more rationalization of why Eliot loves bad music and whether or not Thicke’s also a mainstay in Eliot’s masturbatory thoughts…

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Monday’s Hors d’Oeuvres: Festie Overload

Travel budgets at major music publications must be hurting today after four major festivals went down at locations across the globe this weekend. Pearl Jam brought the house down at Lollapalooza. The Allman Brothers, Assembly of Dust and John Butler Trio added a hippie-rock tinge to the Newport Folk Festival. The Smashing Pumpkins stole the show at the Virgin Festival down in Balt’more, and the Fuji Rock Festival went off without a hitch over in Japan.

But the festivals were the only thing goin’ down in the rock world. Check out these links to see what else was happening this weekend:

And as always on Mondays, read on after the jump for a full slate of setlists from the weekend, including but not limited to the Allmans, the Crowes, the Rush, the Party, the House, the Giants, the Joel, the Green and many many more…

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Animal Collective Returns

Animal Collective have announced dates for a North American tour in support of their fall release, Strawberry Jam. The band will launch the tour about a week before the release

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10 Random Reviews & Artless Critiques

RANDOM STABBINGS & ARTLESS CRITIQUE – August 2007 Wise Intelligent, The Talented Timothy Taylor (Shaman Works Recordings)New Jersey’s Wise Intelligent was the go-to MC for Poor Righteous Teachers’ black-Islamist hip-hop

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