Van Halen To Tour in October…Maybe

Will the third time be a charm for the Van Halen reunion tour? Please?

We started to get excited in 1996 after the original members of Van Halen appeared at the MTV Music Awards show, but two weeks later Eddie put the kibosh on it when he said that he couldn’t stomach working with David Lee Roth. Earlier this year Billboard reported that a Van Halen amphitheater tour had been booked, only to have Eddie Van Halen ruin the fun by checking into rehab (hey, dude, nobody likes Fun Bobby when he’s sober).

Now both Billboard and Rolling Stone have confirmed that the band will be holding a press conference next week to announce an October arena tour. Let’s not get too excited. Nothing will ever be confirmed until David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen are on the same stage playing Jamie’s Cryin’.

Billboard and Rolling Stone are also reporting that Wolfgang Van Halen will indeed be replacing Michael Anthony on bass throughout the tour. Awesome parenting skills, Eddie! God knows touring treated you so well over the years.

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  1. I, too, am dubious of this even happening. The VH bros have earned my eternal scorn by letting Mike Anthony go–don’t they listen to their own albums? Do Mike’s amazing backup vocals go unnoticed? Simply put, it ain’t VH without Mike. Wolfie’s got the bloodline going for him, but you can’t have a VH reunion without Mike.

    Oh, and BTW…it’s JAMIE’S Cryin’. I’m just saying.

  2. I think this has the potential to SUCK really bad- even though Van Halen is one of the best bands ever. DLR going from jumping to stand around crooning is enough to make this a nostalgic act. Althoght Eddie can still shred, I say who needs this reunion.

    wait till all the 90’s bands start reuniting next decade – Get on board for Crash Test Dummies.

  3. Looks like Eddie is jealous of all the attetion Linsey Lohan is getting…. No way that this tour see’s night one.

  4. I have seen VH 7 times in my life. I have never seen a good singing performance out of DLR. He sounds great in the studio, but he is a joke on stage. Gary Cherone was way better. Will be interesting to see what Wolfie has learned, but without Mike…. I think I will pass on this tour.

  5. Come on guys, give the boys a break and check out
    I have been waiting a long time for this and hey, with Ed being wolfie’s Dad,We should give him half a chance..I bet the boy can jam.

    I have faith, It will happen. ED did what he had to do to get it straight, and now he can give 110%..this might just be the biggest tour of ’08.. ***** 5 stars

  6. I can’t believe I gotta buy a ticket to the show I hope they let me set up a hot sauce stand outside the arena to pay for the ticket

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