Pullin’ Tubes: Rerun’s Favorite Band

I’ve got a saying that I tend to live by: If “Phat” Freddie Stubbs loves a band, then I too must love that band. That’s right, folks, everything I’ve ever learned about music I’ve learned from What’s Happening!!‘s Rerun.

Rerun professed his love for Stevie Wonder in the first season of the show, but he turned his focus to one of the greatest rock bands of 1978 during season two. Rerun loved the Doobie Brothers so much that he wanted to tape the show so he could groove out to the sweet sounds of Black Water at home. Well, he also recorded the show because two sketchy dudes named Al Dunbar and Brother Bruno made him do it. Connnnflict!

Rerun taught me two important life lessons during the two-part episode Doobie or Not Doobie. The first lesson is that you should NEVER jump up and down while you are stealth taping a concert: That’s just a surefire way to get caught. The second lesson is that the popularity of the Doobie Brothers knows no boundaries. It doesn’t matter if you are black or white, or even mulatto — Michael McDonald’s voice will reel you in. So in honor of Rerun, here are the Doobies at their finest performing Takin’ It To The Streets:


Extra cool points (brah) for anyone who can identify the heady band Michael Mac is pimping on his T-shirt…leave your comment below for said cool points.

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