Farm Aid Announces Its First Ever NYC Lineup

Farm Aid organizers officially planted its 22nd-annual installment of the festival on New York’s Randall’s Island back in June. That much we already knew.


But today Farm Aid unveiled the full lineup for its first-ever NYC event, and believe it or not, it’s remarkably similar to the raucous Rock the Bells festival that took place on the same plot of land in late July.

Okay, not so much: Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds and The Allman Brothers Band are scheduled to play full sets. They’ll be joined by Counting Crows, Matisyahu, Guster, The Derek Trucks Band, Warren Haynes, Supersuckers, The Ditty Bops and Montgomery Gentry.

That’s a pretty solid fucking lineup [full of white people] for a random Sunday in September. It’ll take a star-studded roster to get fans off their couches on the first Sunday of the NFL season, but I think this may just do the trick.

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  1. Ehhhh, first NFL Sunday of the season? Not sure if I’ll be there. Live music is great and all, but men smashing into each other is also pretty sweet.

  2. “that’s a pretty solid fucking lineup [full of white people]”

    You’re an idiot…bad enough to think it, but publish it, too?!

  3. I am generally considered an idiot…but in this case, i don’t see it. Please explain. I’m dead serious — lay out your argument for my idiocy on this issue.

  4. I think Marc just missed the juxtaposition with Rock the Bells which was largely (for those missing their frontal lobe) [full of black people]. Uh oh. You’re an idiot and now I’m a racist.

  5. I just think that the way in which you chose to express yourself was somewhat crass, as if to say that the absence of black people or black artists equates a day of good music. Race, I don’t think, was even necessary to bring into the discussion…why not express your distaste for a genre of music, such as “…thankfully there are no hip-hop acts playing, which is not my thing, etc.” rather than be smitten with the fact that there are no black people present on stage, or (which I think can be inferred from your phrasing) among those in the crowd?

    I fully understand the juxtaposition of the Rock the Bells festival with Farm-Aid, Oliver…just not diggin’ the diction.

  6. I’m gonna steal a line from fictional chief of staff Leo McGarry: “Boy did you read that wrong.” You think I’d publish that I’m happy there are no black people there? Yikes. That’s, um, wow. I don’t even know how to respond to that.

  7. well…maybe i’m the idiot. What did you mean, then? I understand what i think you were attempting to say (which is more a critique of a particular style of music), but to express approval/disapproval of anything based on race alone is unsavory. I’m not calling you a racist, but suggesting that you consider how you might come across when you say such things. Ironically, i, too, would prefer a line-up of musicians which do not feature any hip-hop, but would’ve expressed that sentiment in a way that could not be misconstrued as a racist comment.

  8. All morons must register at before using the internet… HA (Ace – check that site out) Its funny!

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