I’m On My Way…On My Way (1942-1995)

Yeah, it’s that time of the year when we think back to when we were kids on a softball field in Middle of Nowhere, Pennsylvania, seemingly tucked away in a utopian paradise where news cannot penetrate, a time before cell phones and Internet, a time when someone can walk right by and say “Jerry Garcia just died.” How do you know? Really? What about Giants Stadium in the fall?


Could it really be 12 years to the day? Without pausing to re-eulogize a man that’s had 10 million of ’em, let’s instead stream a little Dead in Jerome’s high honor:

Across the Rio Grandeeeoooo. Across the lazy river. Acrooooossss…

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  1. nice pick. it’s weird, I never really got into Mississippi Half-step…always kind of skipped it on tapes, but in the last 6 months or so, thats become my fave “new tune”. Still don’t love the first half, but the “Across the Rio Grandeeeoooo. Across the lazy river” is gold jerry, gold!

  2. Ya know, it took me a long time to get into 1/2 Step…I’m not sure when it happened, but one day it just became my favorite tune, and it never went away. Still, to this day, any time I want to listen to a kickass Dead tune on the subway or walkin’ around, I’ll inevitably get drawn right to it. There’s a Dick’s Picks version from 1976 that is out of this world — might be Dick’s Picks 147 or whatever they’re up to right now.

  3. Always will remember the exact moment i heard the news and still get the chills just thinking about it. I was living in ASPEN and what is strange is that we had a huge GD party the night before. A large part of my life died that day but the flip side is that day opened my mind musically to other artists, which before this day was not possible. I lived and breathed the Grateful Dead and JGB. 100 Shows and it still was not enough. I miss you Jerry! Love and Peace


  4. i remember it like it was yesterday, the night before jery passed I was in central park seeing Ratdog (the last time i remeber seeing bobby smile) I feel asleep that night still wearing my “peace thru jerry” t shirt(my golden boy). My younger brother got the news first and came to my room. (To this day he still keeps a poem in his wallet he wrote that day)

    jerry you will always be missed

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