The B List: Remembering The King

1. Elvis was still scoring #1 hits in 2002 when Junkie XL’s remix of A Little Less Conversation topped the charts in 20 countries:


2. One of our favorite Christmas songs of all-time is Blue Christmas, and no one sang it better than The King:


3. Elvis revolutionized popular music with his strong voice and the way he shook his hips. Check out Hound Dog from one of Elvis’ first television appearances on the Milton Berle show in 1956:


4. Johnny Cash does a spot on impersonation of The King during a 1959 show at Townhall Party:


5. Elvis was a man of the people, as he sang songs that appealed to even the most down trodden. Here is The King singing about life In The Ghetto:


6. A YouTube user with a bunch of time on their hands put together this montage of live clips to the tune of Promised Land:


7. On June 10th, 1972 Bob Dylan, David Bowie, George Harrison, John Lennon, Led Zeppelin and Art Garfunkel were in the audience for Elvis’ matinee performance at Madison Square Garden. Check out the Super 8 footage of Elvis taking the stage to the tune of Also Sprach Zarathustra, and then opening with That’s Alright Mama:


8. Suspicious Minds is one of the most covered Elvis tunes of all-time. Check out the Flaming Lips version of the tune from a recent BBC special:


9. While the majority of Elvis’s movies sucked, Jailhouse Rock is one of the best musicals evs:


10. You can almost see the grim reaper coming for Elvis as he performs Unchained Melody less than two months before his death


What’s your favorite? Sound off in the comments below…

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