An Onslaught of Letters: A SXSW DVD

Here’s a fun who-knew fact we never would have guessed: The annual South by Southwest festival now brings in more revenue for the Tejas capital than either Austin City Limits or the full schedule of University of Texas home football games. We’re sensing an epic showdown between Bevo and Devo.

And now you can take it home with you: On August 21st, Shout! Factory will release SXSW Live 2007, the first ever DVD release of the influential and continually growing music festival in Austin, Texas. The DVD contains exclusive artist interviews and performances from The Bravery, Aqualung, Peter Bjorn & John, Razorlight, Rachel Fuller with Pete Townshend and many more.


Now, as part of our recurring Everybody Wins When I Plug Something And In Return We’re Offered Free Shit To Give Away Contests, we’re proud to offer a free copy of this DVD to one lucky fan. So sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts on which one of the ever-increasing number of music festivals and/or conferences is your favorite and why…in eight words or less.

Not convinced of the coolness? Let’s check out some preview footage:

And click here to either buy the DVD or check out the list of other SXSW Live 2007 performances on the disc

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  1. 5 words:

    Langerado,There is no substitute*

    *thanks to joel for inspiration 😉

    on the opposite side of spectrum…………..

    Vegoose, we hate u and your jambands

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