Goodnight, Max Roach

Famed jazz drummer Max Roach died today at the age of 83. While many eulogies and obituaries will call him a founder of modern jazz and a master percussionist, we think the greatest compliment we can bestow upon his legacy is that…he kicked so much fuckin’ ass — he was ridiculously, independently awesome.


So in honor of the man’s contribution, not simply to jazz but to music, let’s check out a rare glimpse of the Max Roach Quartet in the 1970s with Billy Harper on tenor sax, Cecil Bridgewater on trumpet, Reggie Workman on bass.

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  1. RIP Max… and Hidden Track, love the fact you guys can dish out a classy send off in your own “colorful” style

    Keep keepin the rhythm with that great kickdrum in the sky

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