SONG PREMIERE: Charlie Hunter Trio – “Hillbilly Heroine Chic”

Calling Charlie Hunter’s sound jazz would be an oversimplification. On his new album Let The Bells Ring On, which drops June 9th, the guitarist and composer has his sights on something bigger and more complex than just showing off how well versed he is in the form. Teaming up with longtime collaborators and veterans of the New York City “Downtown” scene in the 1970s Curtis Fowlkes on trombone and Bobby Previte on drums, Hunter seems intent on exploring the nuances of a well-crafted groove. Together the trio keeps things loose, funky and “in-the-pocket” without getting stifled by the boundaries of a singular composition. Let The Bells Ring On is vibrant, textured and, perhaps most notably, great fun. It’s what happens when three musicians of mega talent enter a studio just for the sake of playing and enjoying themselves.

One tune that perfectly captures this spirit is the oddly titled “Hillbilly Heroine Chic”, which we are excited to premiere on Glide. Although it somehow seems fitting when you hear the song, don’t put too much thought into the name.

“This particular tune sounded like a rockabilly-burn-out jazz mashup to me. The name just came to me. They’re instrumentals for pete’s sake, so you can really call these things anything you want,” says Hunter, reflecting on the laid back nature of the whole process.

Give a listen to the Charlie Hunter Trio’s “Hillbilly Heroine Chic”…



Let The Bells Ring On comes out June 9th on the guitarist’s own label Charlie Hunter Music. For more info check out

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