Clem Snide: Hungry Bird

The latest offering from Clem Snide might be considered some of their best or worst, depending on how diehard or loyal you are to the indie-rock stalwarts. Although they sound like an urbane version of Calexico on the leadoff number “Me No,” they seem to tone things down for a languid and limp “Born A Man.”

In fact, some of the songs make you wonder if the reunion announced late last year was really a good idea. But fortunately, the slower, alt/country touches on “Hum” resembles an extremely laidback Hem. The same can be said, although with less effectiveness, for the six-minute “Burn The Light” which sounds like a tired b-side.

Sadly, it’s this momentum which fuels the album’s downward spiral, with “The Endless Endings” seemingly ending far too late. After a promising “Our Time Will Come,” which has great harmonies, Clem Snide falls flat with “Pray” which falls over itself consistently for over seven minutes.  On the whole, this album would still leave fans, much like the bird, quite hungry.

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