MP3 Boot Camp: Nazz Bleeds Out

Nazz Nomad provides interesting tracks for us to check out on a regular basis over at Bleedin’ Out. Just this week he posted an interesting mix of bands his wife hates and songs related to sleep. Nazz doesn’t just post random MP3s, he develops a fun topic and then finds the best songs that relate to what he’s writing about in his posts. It’s a great service, so keep up the good work, Nazz.

  • Music-hole’s mega post contains bootlegs from Eddie Vedder, Bruce Springsteen, Garbage and a ton of other great bands
  • NYCTaper brings us a lossless download of Monday’s Morrisey concert
  • You gotta hear this Guns N’ Roses live at Deer Creek bootleg
  • Licorice Pizza introduces us to Marqui Adora
  • My Jazz World kicks down a vinyl rip featuring symphonic versions of blacksploitation movie theme songs [ed. note: outta sight, sistah!]
  • Eight covers of Everybody’s Talkin’ from Midnight Cowboy [via Gehr]
  • My Blog Too found a crispy Tom Waits bootleg from 1976
  • It’s not everyday we come across Depeche Mode shows
  • Simon and Garfunkel play all their hits at the Hollywood Bowl in 1968

What’s your favorite MP3 blog? Be a mensch and discuss your favorite below…

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7 thoughts on “MP3 Boot Camp: Nazz Bleeds Out

  1. Gamst Reply

    I’m all fucking over those blaxploitation symphonic numbers…awesome.

  2. MC Escher Reply

    Nice new graphic!

  3. nodnoc Reply

    Slippery slope nyctaper? I hear ya, Ace feel free to delete the comment.

  4. nazz nomad Reply

    aw, shucks… now ya got me blushing. that’s the nicest thing anyone has said about me since I was in fourth grade and I wouldn’t let the big bad bully in class torment little Jennifer DiSacca.

    thanks and have a Grateful Day!

  5. Scott Bernstein Reply

    We know how thankless blogging can be, so we always like to give some props to our favorite blogs. Keep up the good work Nazz!!!

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