moe.’s Not So Much Kidding About the Jingles

We had some fun at the expense of the popular indie-jam rock band moe. some five weeks ago, taking the piss out of the group’s management after it blasted out an e-mail to fans about the band’s innate potential for corporate partnerships, synergistic sponsorships and customized ad jingles.

And while Don’t Fuck With Flo has, as of post-time, still yet to be adopted by the good people at Tampax, it appears from the video below that moe. has loaned their Happy Hour Hero to the hippie-beloved Saranac Brewery. We originally suggested that tune for a new T.G.I.Friday’s campaign, but it probably works better here considering Saranac is the band’s hometown beer and a moe.down sponsor. Oh, and because the beer is mentioned in the song itself. A natural fit.


moe.’s management confirmed for us that this Saranac ad had already been in the works “for a while,” before the mass e-mail to its fans. So what’s the point of this post? Not much. We just like the way this whole Jingle Episode is proceeding.

Saranac is the first and easiest step to moe.’s ad-related dominance. We must consider this marketing lay-up a necessary move before the tougher placements, like when the next Haggar slacks or Sears Craftsman toolset advertisements contain only 30-second Al Schnier face-melting solos. Without HHH in the Saranac ad, we will never have Spaz Medicine playing behind Wilford Brimley’s monologue in the “I’ve got Dia-beetis” commercials. You gotta crawl before you can walk, right?

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9 Responses

  1. Pales in comparison to the shunned brilliance of “Where the Cheese Go?”, recorded by Ween for Pizza Hut’s original stuffed crust pizza ad campaign.

    Also in advertising news, Deaner stated in a recent interviw that Fiesta was recorded in hopes that Taco Bell would pick it up for their TV spots.


  2. that’s exactly what I said Pipe about the ween ad campaign…”Where’d the fu%$#ing cheese go?”…

    but knowing people who work at FX Brewing in Utica (Saranac) and the bigtime presence they (saranac) has at moe.down, this makes perfect sense.

    i love this idea.

    Lastly, about 10 years ago when I worked at sugarbush in VT., I opened a bottle of Magic Hat “Heart of Darkness” beer to reveal a cap that said on the bottom:

    “A Day with Trey is a fine way to spend the day” (or something like that)

    this shit has been going on forever. What’s the big deal?

  3. It’s not a big deal. Can’t something just be funny? I couldn’t give a shit if they sell their songs to a mom and pop store or Exxon fucking Mobil. It’s frivolity that does it for me.

  4. roger, roger ace.

    i got your vector victor.

    surely, shirley the “frivolity” as you put it, of this whole thing is a perfect ‘blurb-able’ piece for the HT.


  5. Goff,

    I’ve had that cap before, It’s “A day with Trey would make my day”. I’ve also had “If Jerry were here I’d buy him a beer”

  6. What about all the jamband references on Sportscenter, or Phish on The Weather Channel. Nothing helps ease the pain of an impending snowstorm like a YEM jam.

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