GUTML Announce Inaugural Awesometown

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Give Us The Money Lebowski, The Breakfast, Dr. Fameus (feat. Allen Aucoin of the Disco Biscuits), Juggling Suns, Scarecrow Collection, The Brew, Turbine, PUSH, Unexplained Bacon, Squirrelmaster, Roamer, Project222, Ayatollah Fancy and the Thursday Night All-Stars, Mark (JS) & Nick (SCC), Jordan Simms, Mark Kozielec
And more TBA….

A limited number of special early-bird tickets will go on sale for $40 beginning March 1. Once this allotted amount of tickets is sold out, ticket prices will increase to $55. Visit for additional information on the lineup, how to volunteer, directions, as well as answers to some questions you may have.

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30 thoughts on “GUTML Announce Inaugural Awesometown

  1. headyesq Reply

    I plan on having this festicval change my soul….or at least explain the meaning of life to me….that’s not asking much is it?

  2. Ron Jeremy Reply

    I was really hoping to grab some sweet young asian ass at this thing. That would be my version of awesometown!

  3. Gamst Reply


  4. ummm.... Reply

    so “awesometown” stole funtown’s concept… NOT cool. please do not support this festival. they are unoriginal and seriously disrespecting another crew that is very involved and established in this scene.

  5. neeko Reply

    hey ummm… take a pill. relax.

  6. freddy Reply

    you would think that events called ‘awesometown’ and ‘funtown’ would have the same ultimate goal and be able to coexist.

    seems like the funtown crew is ultra friendly.

  7. headyesq Reply

    I was just checking out both web pages and they kind of look nothing alike.

    I mean, sorry and all, but not seeing it.

    Everybody needs to chillax in a world where Fun and Awesome can live as one,in piece.

    Go Bills.

  8. ummm.... Reply

    “I was just checking out both web pages and they kind of look nothing alike.”

    Are you serious?? The similarities are unbelievable… Did you read the Funtown mission statement and compare it to Awesometown’s about section? Maybe you didn’t read it before they took out that Awesometown is a “state of mind”. Bot companies are mainly festival promoters, both companies work and have worked closely with the Disco Biscuits, they are both operating out of the Eastern PA area, and they are both doing festivals at Snipes Farm this Summer. Give me a break.
    Come up with your own concept. The truth will get out.

    “you would think that events called ‘awesometown’ and ‘funtown’ would have the same ultimate goal and be able to coexist.”

    Definitely not gonna happen. Save face now and come up with a different name.

  9. neeko Reply

    you’re obviously not a golfer

  10. State of Mind Reply

    state of mind music magazine is in trouble too then, huh?

  11. ummm.... Reply

    is the magazine a festival promoter? don’t ask dumb questions…

  12. I can't read Reply

    Except Awesometown is the name of a festival being put on by GUTML. Funtown is the name of a promoter. I guess all of those other companies across the US named Funtown better save face before the truth gets out. If you’d like to send them threats too, let me know, I’ll get you their contact info.

  13. Handstand Reply

    I was ready to defend awesometown until i saw that they have a “contact” category among their list of options. You know what the funtown website just so happens to have? That’s right – a “contact” category among their list of options. Sorry awesometown, but that’s horse poop.

  14. ummm... Reply

    There is no other Funtown Productions… and even if there was there could be a different owner running a different Funtown Productions in each state. There is no denying the similarities between Awesometown and Funtown. Anyone can see that. As one of my friends (and serious industry insider stated) “That is
    the most obvious offensive thing I’ve seen in a while.” Funtown will take any legal actions possible. At the very least, you will have a very serious PR problem (that means public relations for the newbie promoter). I’m not going to even get into the moral issues that arise in this situation.

  15. hahaha Reply

    And what legal actions are you going to take that won’t be laughed at? I guess SummerCamp, Camp Bisco and Camp Creek are in heavy legal disputes because they are all festivals using the word Camp haha. I mean that is a blatant ripoff of each other. And let’s not get into the moral issues that arise from this. Who would’ve thunk it, more than one festival on the same site?!?! It’s uncanny!!!!

  16. Jiggle Reply

    Yea… certainly looks like a ripoff to me. I wouldn’t worry about it too much though Funtown. Ya’ll are gonna CONTINUE to kill it this Summer. 🙂

  17. neeko Reply

    fuck it dude, lets go bowling.

  18. freddy Reply

    awesometown isn’t based out of eastern PA, FYI. and i don’t believe awesometown has ever worked with the biscuits. ok, so you’re zero for two.

    Funtown doing a festival at Snipes, good. the more music festivals the merrier. haven’t seen any info on this event. when? where? who’s playing? i assume this would need to be published for the concept to be stolen. guess that makes you zero for three.

  19. Jiggle Reply

    ACTUALLY… The drummer from the Biscuits is performing at Awesometown… 1
    ACTUALLY… One of the main organizers of the event is the Biscuit’s sound guy… 1
    ACTUALLY… the event is happening in Eastern, PA… So Awesometown is definitely y based out of Eastern, PA… 1

  20. elchip Reply

    this sounds like the perfect fest to tone my lawn bowling skills.

  21. melly mel Reply

    THIS IS SOME FUNNY SHIT. awesometown was around way before this funtown.

  22. Jiggle Reply

    I thought this was the 1st annual Awesometown Festival??? If Awesometown is strictly a yearly festival (not a company) then how was it around before “this Funtown”? I doubt it took that long to plan the fest.

  23. HB Reply

    Earlybird tickets available now.

    as for the Funtown vs Awesometown debate …

    oh look a shinny nickle

  24. toughguy Reply

    Reminds of back in the day in Hip-Hop.

    When it was…

    East vs. West…

    Bloods vs. Crypts

    Brutha vs. Brutha

    Way to keep it real “_______”towns…

    But ill be at the TrullyAmazingTown Fest…

  25. dude Reply

    you folks are ridiculous. how many of you really remember what this all grew out of? Jerry would be ashamed.

  26. rabbi of the beat Reply

    Anyone want to give “umm” a good donkey punch to the head?
    Mr.(serious industry insider) seems to take this a little too seriously. Just go watch some music and shut the fuck up.

  27. fat_matt Reply

    i just want to listen to some groovy tunes and treat objects like women.

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  29. peter Reply

    I am waaay late on this, but “ummm…” is a major douchebag cuntface. I know him. He takes himself too seriously.

    Funtown? More like Lametown!

    Booyah “Jiggles”??? I know who you are too! You’re Mr. Ummm’s hula hooping friend.

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