Mixology: Wilco Rarities

Here’s some stats for you in case you’re a geek like us. The number of times played reflect prior to the beginning of the run, all stats according to WilcoBase.

When The Roses Bloom Again

Album: Chelsea Walls Soundtrack

# Of Times Played: 67

Last Time Played: 11/06/07

When You Wake Up Feeling Old

Album: Summerteeth

# Of Times Played: 33

Last Time Played: 11/05/05

Christ For President

Album: Mermaid Avenue, Vol. 1

# Of Time Played: 123

Last Time Played: 12/07/07 (played only three times since ’06)

A Magazine Called Sunset

Album: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Outtake

# Of Times Played: 27

Last Time Played: 04/19/06

Say You Miss Me

Album: Being There

# Of Times Played: 36

Last Time Played: 04/08/06

Blue Eyed Soul

Album: A.M.

# Of Times Played: 9

Last Time Played: 10/07/95

We’re Just Friends

Album: Summerteeth

# Of Times Played: 40

Last Time Played: 11/19/99

Dreamer In My Dreams

Album: Being There

# Of Times Played: 35

Last Time Played: 07/02/01

Dash 7

Album: A.M.

# Of Time Played: 0

Last Time Played: Never played by full band in concert

What’s The World Got In Store

Album: Being There

# Of Time Played: 16

Last Time Played: 09/19/03


Album: Summerteeth

# Of Times Played: 44

Last Time Played: 11/11/99

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