Pullin’ Tubes: We’re Just Swell

You won’t find any obligatory Oscar recap here today, that’s just not our thang. Fortunately for everyone though the Academy made the right choice in the Best Original Song category, awarding it to Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova for Falling Slowly. Glen and Marketa play shows together billed as The Swell Season.

If any of that crap from Enchanted had won you all would have been in for a lengthy tirade. If you haven’t seen the quite excellent film Once, go down to your local DVD peddler and rent it immediately. If you have, you may be already sick of the ubiquitously used (and now Oscar winning) song, but deal with it…

The Swell Season hit the road again in April for a lengthy U.S. tour, while Glen’s main band The Frames will perform at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.

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2 thoughts on “Pullin’ Tubes: We’re Just Swell

  1. Andrew Reply

    Too bad the Acadamy didn’t feel Jonny Greenwood was eligible for his score of There Will Be Blood. Those tunes were the tats!

  2. jg Reply

    It was pretty cool of Jon Stewart to get her back on the stage to finish her acceptance speech, after she got completely cut off.

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